Genesis – 1.4.1 beta1

As I was busy reading the da vinci code, which I had to write an disquisition about, I recently got notified that there will be a beta release of amaroK 1.4.1, reason -> K4M3 (K3M). A view into my mailbox showed me about 100 unread mails in the commits folder…usually the amount doesn’t get > 45 😉

So, on Sunday+2weeks (06-06-18) we will probably pull out amaroK 1.4.1 beta1 – advanced amaroK users might know that we don’t do betas for x.x.y releases, reason for this beta are enormous changes in the GUI as well as the core.
Those are mostly results of K4M3 (kde 4 mutlimedia meeting) which had lead to really great improvements and ideas.
We plan 1.4.1 for 2 weeks after the beta (if there are no big problems) and probably apply a string freeze 1 week before release.

As of now trunk includes:

  • changed GUI – context tab got removed and fights with the playlist for user’s attention
  • startup improvements – currently about 50%
  • bugs bugs bugs
  • bugfixes for other bugs

I’m still trying to sort out the bugs in the amaroK nightly script, which moved together with my server from SUSE to Kubuntu (woooohoooo!). Not only that this is the first somewhat, trying to be professional, work in Ruby (using 4 times an external app – on 200 lines!) also getting the debian dir to work properly with SVN snapshots is really nifty stuff … I really hope to get it done within the next few weeks. Maybe before 1.4.1 final 😉


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