All About Eye-Candy

today kapilzad publish his KDE Spectra proposal series for KDE…

Most important thing for me is KDE Spectra Player – meant as KDE should have a powerful multimedia player, with cool graphics and should be like a file-browser”

  • powerful media player: just wondered why his mockup uses stuff named suroor.mp3 – dunno tags? dunno vorbis?
  • cool graphics: which actually means as big that your eyes start bleeding because you have to move them 3 cm to see another button 😛 (big + shiny != cool)
  • should be like a file-browser: aye, since one doesn’t have tags… 😐

So, there is a reason why this proposal got quite some negative votes, and it’s not only amaroK.

Anyway, the whole KDE Spectra propal series is missing a good point, the whole idea lacks usability (thought of a non-usability expert), functionality and is actually only about eye-candy (allthough I wonder whether hundreds awful BIG buttons are still eye-candy)

This is not how I’d like to see KDE!!!


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